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About the 409th
409th Contracting Support Brigade
Building 203, Sembach Kaserne
67681 Heuberg, Germany
DSN: 314-542-6400
Commercial: 49-061-1143-542-6408

409th Contracting Support Brigade
The 409th Contracting Support Brigade's mission is twofold. The Command serves as the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) and provides the full range of contracting support throughout US Army Europe’s (USAREUR) area of responsibility. In addition, ECC-E serves as the executive agent for contracting in Bosnia and Kosovo as designated by the US European Command.

Additionally, The 409th provides motivated, trained and deployable personnel to support USAREUR exercises, contingencies and peacekeeping operations. We provide timely and cost effective customer service to Area Support Group (ASG) and Base Support Battalion (BSB) Commanders and the tactical units in support of soldiers and their families. ECC-E provides professional, comprehensive policy and oversight for USAREUR appropriated and non-appropriated fund contracting organizations.

The 409th Contracting Support Brigade Produces Contract Results for U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) by Supporting Garrison, Expeditionary and Contingency Contracting Operations in Order to Maintain a Strong Europe.

Key Tasks
Empowered Mission Command
Grow Tomorrow's Leaders
Quality Procurements (Execution, Processes & Delivery)
Holistic Teamwork (Horizontally & Vertically)
Achieve Individual Excellence: Strong Individuals = Strong Teams

End State
Mission Command-Focused Unit Instilled With a Winning Spirit
Standards, Dignity & Respect, SHARP, EO/EEO
Supported Commands' Contracting Needs Met
World-Class Contract Results Through Legal and Ethical Procurements

APO Address
HQ 409th CSB
UNIT 28231
APO AE 09136-8231